First Leaked Photos of the Nikon DF Show Up Online


If the Nikon “Pure Photography” teaser videos left you wanting a lot more in terms of info or pictures of the upcoming Nikon DF retro full-frame, you’re in luck. Less than 24 hours before we expect the camera to finally make its official debut, several press pics of the shooter have leaked.

The photos arrived online by way of Nikon Rumors, and will give you a lot more to feast your eyes on than the teaser videos ever did:




Also, in addition to the standard top, front and back view of the camera, we also get to take a peek at the DF sporting a Nikon AR-3 shutter release cable, as well as a photo of the chassis itself:



All that’s left now is the official announcement. If you want a refresher on the specs this camera is supposedly arriving with, click here. Otherwise stay tuned for what’s shaping up to be a pretty awesome camera release in the next 24 hours.