Nokia Teases Next Lumia’s Photo Powers, Shows Large Lens and Serious Flash


Last Friday, Nokia launched its new Lumia 928 smartphone that has a strong emphasis on photography. The device features PureView technology, optical image stabilization, a Carl Zeiss lens, and a xenon flash.

It was exciting news for photo-lovin’ Nokia fans, but sit tight: there’s more to come. Nokia will reportedly have a major launch event tomorrow to unveil a phone that has some serious photography chops.


The announcement will reportedly be for the “EOS” branded phone that has been rumored for a while now. Nokia teased the launch this past weekend with this short commercial that aired over in the UK:

In it, we see what appears to be a smartphone with an all-metal body, a very large camera (with a hump, like the one seen on the 808 PureView), and some kind of serious flash unit.

“More than your eyes can see,” text in the commercial says.


The sneak peek appears to be showing the same phone that was revealed in leaked photos recently. The photos were said to show a phone nicknamed “Catwalk,” and revealed an aluminum design, a raised camera, and a flash unit to the side of the lens:



The Verge writes that these photos are indeed of an upcoming Nokia flagship camera, but also that there’s a separate 41-megapixel “EOS” Windows phone that will be similar in design to the “Catwalk” phone.

We’ll learn the full details of what Nokia has up its sleeve early tomorrow, May 14, 2013.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Leonardo!

  • Takasama

    Very large camera? Serious flash unit?
    Is it the 1st of April 2014 already???

  • Michael Thompson

    When compared to the other phone offerings, it is Very large, and a serious flash :)

  • eraserhead12

    if only they’d come to Android–or even iOS–instead of Symbian or Windows 8..

  • Astro

    You should try Windows phone, it’s really an excellent platform (I used to have iOS and Android).

  • eraserhead12

    Windows maybe, but building an excellent camera for a Symbian phone is like a wasted effort lol.

  • vivanteco

    How do you propose that Nokia “comes” to iOS?

  • eraserhead12

    .. larger sensor, zeiss glass, xenon flash? I meant better camera hardware.

  • Michael Thompson

    I wonder if Canon had a hand in this as they are calling it EOS

  • Heya

    I had an iPhone 4, then went to Galaxy S3 and sold them both. Bought Lumia 920. No regrets. Beautiful, simple, just working without hassle.

  • Truitt Dill

    you do realize the phone is a windows phone right…