Canon 5D Mark III to Receive Major Video and AF Upgrades Next Year

Don’t worry Canon 5D Mark III shooters: Canon didn’t forget about you after all. Less than a week after announcing a highly-requested firmware update to the Canon 1D X to address AF complaints, Canon has revealed that a similar — but even better — update is also coming to the Canon 5D Mark III.

The upcoming firmware update will not only add support for cross-type AF using lens/extender combos with a max aperture of f/8, it’ll also allow for clean uncompressed HDMI out!

This means that the camera will be able to record uncompressed video footage on an external recorder through the camera’s HDMI port, as well as display the video being captured on an external monitor. The output will be 4:2:2 8bit.

Shortly before Canon’s announcement, Magic Lantern announced a development of its own. It’s new Alpha 2 firmware for the 5D Mark III also adds clean HDMI out, along with a good number of other features as well (e.g. HDR video recording).

Canon Rumors writes that this Magic Lantern announcement may have forced Canon to reveal its 5D Mark III announcement earlier than it would have. This would explain why the firmware won’t be arriving until April 2013, and why there’s no mention of red AF illumination like what was just added to the 1D X.

Until this official update arrives, you might want to give the Magic Lantern version a shot.

Image credit: HDSLR0015 by ttstam

  • Brett Sanders

    It’s about time we see clean 422 out on a camera like that. I’m immensely interested to see if my 60D in the future could do clean video out through HDMI. I’d love to do that for my recordings at home. Either through native canon firmware or Magic-L

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Seems like Canon’s been rolling out a number of notable firmware updates/upgrades (7D, 1D X, 5D M III). I wonder if Nikon ever plans to do something similar with a firmware update for the green tint issues.

  • Tapo

    5 months rom now …. This is what Canon is saying….”Wait… Please don’t buy Nikon yet…” I am sure if Nikon had promised an update 5 months down the line, this site would have panned Nikon…

  • Tapo

    * 5 months from now…

  • kaja12

    i just returned a D600…..
    too slow, too plastic, dust problems, af points all cluttered in the middle… :(
    will try the 5D MK3 now.
    im coming from analog medium format so i have no glas for 35mm DSLR┬┤s and can choose the best camera for my needs.

  • Oskar?

    Why it takes almost six months to provide a firmware update? ML could do it in weeks but a corporation with billions of cash and perhaps hundreds of coders needs SIX months???

  • Jordan

    ‘like what has just been added’? The grammar police are on their way Michael….

  • Pat

    So, I just spent $3k on a camera body in which I have to wait 3-6 months from now to get a video and AF firmware upgrade to match the price I paid already?

  • HD Cam Team

    Agree. Canon SHOULD NOT make all 5D3 users to wait 5 more months for a firmware update… It’s definitely a work they can do lot faster.

    If they announced it, it’s because they already knew they could do it,
    so WHY to make everyone wait 5 months? Marketing and business, as

    They could have even implemented clean HDMI output in the first stage.
    They always refused to give a clean output to all EOS users…

    LET’S HOPE Canon ALSO implements an improved Red blinking AF points
    system with 2 LEVELS OF BRIGHTNESS (as in 1D X), since the current one
    is sometimes too dim.

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmm… Better? :)

  • John Kantor

    Firmware updates don’t solve problems – they are only kludges.

  • Russell Barton

    The Mk 111 was quite a let down for me in the AF stakes compared to the 2 to the extent that I am actually going to get another Mk 2 body or two while there are still some around. The other thing is the change in the way the batteries go in…What were they thinking ? Try to quickly change batteries whilst shooting…It’s a mess.

  • jjacob

    I commited to the %D Mark III partially on this upgrade potential. It’s been well over 5 months since canon announced a firmware upgrade path to 4.2.2 8bit HDMI on its 5D Mark III. We are half way through April, the month this upgrade was due and Canon still has no specific date this firmware is coming out. By now they either should have a specific release date or an announcement for a later release date. They have done neither. Competitor Nikon D800 has had HDMI from the git go.. This for many was a major selling point over the 5D Mark III. Canon’s calculated statement of this firmware release gave pause to many who might have jumped in and bought the D800. Canon’s silence on this upgrade so close to release is deafening. I am wondering at this point if the upgrade is vaporware and a marketing ploy to decrease Nikon sales……..