Panasonic to Launch the World’s First 6K Consumer Camera, Report Says

4K video recording is appearing on many new digital cameras these days, but it appears Panasonic is itching to take the industry to the next level. A new report says the company is planning to launch a new 6K mirrorless camera during its fiscal year 2016 (a period that ends March 2017). This would likely be the world's first 6K-capable consumer-oriented camera.

Canon 5D Mark III to Receive Major Video and AF Upgrades Next Year

Don't worry Canon 5D Mark III shooters: Canon didn't forget about you after all. Less than a week after announcing a highly-requested firmware update to the Canon 1D X to address AF complaints, Canon has revealed that a similar -- but even better -- update is also coming to the Canon 5D Mark III.

The upcoming firmware update will not only add support for cross-type AF using lens/extender combos with a max aperture of f/8, it'll also allow for clean uncompressed HDMI out!

Use ISO Numbers That Are Multiples of 160 When Shooting DSLR Video

Technicolor just released a new Picture Profile for Canon DSLRs, and recommended that ISO be used in multiples of 160. Andrew Schär decided to test this using his Canon 60D, and found that in terms of the amount of noise present in the footage, ISO numbers that are multiples of 160 are best (i.e. least noise), followed by multiples of 100, and finally multiples of 125 being worst.