Canon’s Drool-Worthy Gear Room at the London Olympics

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Welcome to camera gear heaven: here’s a glimpse inside the Canon Professional Services office at the London 2012 Olympics. It’s a room that’s absolutely stuffed with cameras, lenses, and accessories from floor to ceiling. The Canon 1D X hasn’t been released to the general public yet, but this room has hundreds of them!

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Image credit: Photographs by Gerard McGovern/Getty Images

  • Keith Murray

    seriously…60 seconds on the clock and a shopping trolley!! :)

  • lcf

    hold up =)

  • Emma

    I think my heart actually stopped just looking at it – I really need to get out more….

  • will hall

    cant make it all out, but from what i can see that looks something in the region of:
    20+x each of 400/2.8, 600/4, 200/2, 500/4, 300/2.8, 70-200/2.8, 24-70/2.8, 24-105/4, 16-35/2.8, 1.4x, 2.0x, 8-15/4 TSE 24, 45, 90 and the rest that cant me made out, and the bodies on top. Just the named items come to a cool £1million retail, so i’d guess easily £2m total in there

  • Ryan Kates

    Photos taken w a shitty camera phone OHHH THE IRONY! LOL

  • TrollDaddy

    Its like the Matrix stockroom, except its lenses, lots of lenses.

  • Drooler

    is it wrong to be aroused right now looking at these photos … lol

  • Violeta Ivanova

    My mind is just screaming: “Can I have one, please! Just one camera + one lens, I’m not greedy, you can have all the rest, but, please, can I have one!”

  • Violeta Ivanova

    Make the trolleys two, you can’t just leave those things hanging there, alone and unused. :]

  • Isaac Ferrera

    And this Is it free to professionals in London 2012? What they have to do to use this equipment?

  • will hall

    look further through his photostream and it seems he shoots nikon too

  • Annie

    I know I’m not the only one who heard choirs of angels looking at this place. Holy crap!

  • Jake

    How come I don’t see of my cute little SD4000 Elphs in there? I love that little red bugger!

  • bob

    Now that is some serious lens porn!

  • Halfrack

    Only downside is that you have to give it back at the end of the day, and drag your ass up super early to get another one. I wonder what security measures are in place. :D

  • Nobody

    So from just the 2 racks of bodies I can see, i count 5 rows and in each column 7 deep. So that’s 35 bodies on each shelf, I see 6 shelves visible, so that’s 210 bodies per entire rack. Clearly at least 2 racks, so 2 racks we get a minimum of 420 bodies. That’s not even factoring there is more then 2 racks, since we only see 2. So at retail price estimate at $6,800 (each) x420 bodies that’s $2,856,000.00 just in bodies! WOW!!!

    I don’t even know where to begin with the lenses, too many variables and unseen shelves/racks. Anyone want to guess the total retail value of that room? Given the low estimate $2.9M in bodies, I’d say at least $9-11M USD!!!

    Yes, I’m bored at work. And now I’m sad, and obviously poor.

  • Matthew Killington


  • Michael Dixon-Brooks

    2 bodies and 1 of everything else please.

  • Rick Bennett

    There’s a certain irony that the pictures were taken with a blackberry.

  • Buddy Reyes

    monster lenses for! wake up early to get the lens and return it at the end of the day, and deposit your cam lol! you might not sleep thinking of this lenses! :)

  • rosecarini

    Wow Just WOW!! i would be happy with the used ones


    I’m sure that Scott Andrews has every single item accounted for and in perfect working condition.

  • M-Ali

    I think This Room Cost Like 50 Milion if not more :)

  • Joshua Wallace

    I want in on this room…

  • Nicco

    I would love to be able to pick up a body or two….. “used of course”… where do I sign up for that.. what an awesome display or Canon Power..

  • Nathan Blaney

    Just be a CPS member and credentialed to cover the Olympics.

  • Gerard McGovern

    It’s all I had in my hand at the time

  • john raffaghello ii

    I just want one super tele….

  • Daniel PJ

    So I have to ask…what is happening to all this kit after the Olympics? Will it all be re-conditioned for sale or got rid of on the cheap as it will all have been pretty hard worked? Please someone find out and share!!!!!!

  • Mike Fife

    Just one of everything – I’m not being greedy.

  • canon steve

    wonder if there is the same for nikon too

  • Kamil Sladek

    empire strikes back

  • Nikonite

    How many of them can focus though?

  • Mark Smithson

    What about 20 sec and a basket thats all I’d need. not gregreedy

  • Kenny

    Looks like another day on the job to me.

  • Phil Spencer

    Am a CPS member, just not credentialed to cover the olmypics :(

  • Craig

    We’ll take it Gerad. We appreciate the look!

  • Cheesy

    Every time an archer gets to full draw you can hear a camera going off at 12 frames/sec. It’s becoming irritating.

  • Will

    1D X not available to the general public!? How did I get the one sitting on my book shelf then? WEIRD!

  • debtoteam

    Omg!!!!! Is that what heaven looks like??

  • marcosio

    I understand these pro’s shoot upwards of 100 gb of images a day at the Olympics. Figuring about 80 or so shooters per venue, a least a dozen venues, where do they store (and back up) all those images, and how many terabytes are being shoved into the wireless modems by the press? They can’t do that with a dial up connection.

  • Iratetechie

    Oh man I think I just left a puddle….. just one minute in this room and you would not catch my fat ass quick enough flying around this room….
    Hey Gerard.. I bet you had to ARMED, BIG guards next to you in this room… And I bet one had a paddle to wack you with if you touched anything eh?

  • Amiel O

    I’m curious to know what the charging station looks like…. lol

  • Rts Tactical

    Darn it….now I have to clean the drool off the keyboard…

  • Paul Ciura

    Amen brother.

  • Nachi Robbins

    What do they do with all the camera’s after the olympics? :D

  • Peter

    i just heard my jaw hit the floor

  • Marc Villeneuve

    So this is where my lens I have been waiting for 4 months is stuck!! That’s sucks!

  • Gerit

    This comes from Canon’s marketing budget. Peanuts.

  • E-man-H

    Notice that there are 5DmkII[I?] and APS-C bodies there as well (550D, I’d guess). They’re not all 1D X.