First Rumored Specs for Canon’s Entry-Level Full-Frame

It’s been pretty well established for some time now that both Canon and Nikon have been working on entry-level full-frame offerings that they will most likely debut at Photokina in September. Unfortunately for Canon fans, while we’ve gotten plenty of info on the Nikon D600 (including a photo leak), Canon has been significantly more tight lipped. But as with any highly-anticipated camera, as the announcement date draws nearer and more prototypes make their way into people’s hands, a spec list inevitably begins to form.

As of today, Canon’s future entry-level full-frame — which may still be the 7D Mark II — is said to be housing the same 22MP sensor as the 5D Mark III, a 19-point AF system, 100-51200 ISO range, 3-inch LCD, 4fps continuous shooting, a mostly plastic build that will be smaller than the 5D Mark II, and a tentative price tag of $1,999 at launch. There’s also some talk of at least one prototype coming with a pop-up flash.

With multiple prototypes floating around it’s improbable we’ll get a one-hundred percent accurate spec list until only a few days separate us from an announcement, but most (if not all) of theses specs will probably be on it. The only question now is: how does this stack up to the previously reported specs for Nikon’s upcoming D600? Let us know in the comments.

(via Canon Rumors)

Image credit: Canon 5D Mark II Gear – 03 by unten44

  • Rhys Llwyd

    $1,999 isn’t really a’n ‘entry level’ price. It’s better to call it a ‘cheaper’ full frame rather than ‘entry level’ full frame.

  • OSAM

    It’s not meant to be “entry-level” priced in the sense that a Rebel is “entry-level” priced. It’s priced as entry-level to full-frame. There’s a huge difference in capabilities and production costs.

    Dont be daft.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    even as a rumoured spec it makes me want to vomit. haha, the 5DII is cheaper and a much better option (even with the ancient AF system). more plastic!? pop-up flash!? ugh. no thank you.

  • Roger Coelho

    The pop up flash is a good idea. Not to use as a flash itself, but as a optical master for other flashes.

  • Rhys Llwyd

    Sorry for being so daft :)

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    but it’s still a flash – you still get the light from it in your images, and it’s a harsh, unflattering light. Much better to use wireless triggers or get away from strobing and go for continuous lighting

  • Andrew Cato

    Optical triggering? Oh, no no no no no.
    PocketWizards – you don’t have to maintain line-of-sight, AND you can do this nifty thing where you use them in sunlight.

  • Stuntman Mike

    I dunno about plastic build quality. Even with the improved AF, a 5D2 makes more sense to me if you want to get into canon FF. It’s available now at the same price or way less if you find one NIB from a private seller.

  • David Rychart

    Do you know how optical masters work?

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    I’m not a strobist, I use available light or continuous lighting if i’m working in a studio, I’ve never used a built-in/pop-up flash to fire anything – only wireless triggers before I started using continuous lighting

  • Mansgame

    Sorry your logic makes little sense. So because something is useful some of the time, you’d rather not have it at all? I’ve used Nikon’s CLS system for years and it works flawlessly indoors. Of course Nikon has iTTL wirelessly too which makes it even better but even as an optical trigger, I remember I was on a shoot when the RF triggers weren’t working and nobody had a TTL cable. popup flash saved the day.

  • Mansgame

    1/64 power on a popup flash is enough to trigger the strobe, but will not show up when it’s competing against a strobe firing at f/8

  • Antonio Carrasco

    I agree with Rhys. $1999 isn’t really entry level.

  • Rish

    Not always. Only if people know how to use that “harsh and unflattering” flash correctly, it can create compelling images

  • Jens Hamada

    im a canon guy.. but if i had no glass and the rumored specs were true… i would buy a D600 instead.
    canon has lost it´s grip.
    the 5D MK2 was/is a great camera… but now it´s just evolution (and that means slow progress).

    remember the D600 is rumored to be in the 1500-1800$ range.
    and i think there is no question about the sony sensor quality.

  • Jens Hamada

    have you ever broken a plastic body?
    i can tell you it´s pretty hard to do.
    normaly i don´t drive over my camera with a car.

  • Jens Hamada
  • Jens Hamada

    it´s only you.. other people have different needs.

  • Jens Hamada


  • Jens Hamada

    yeah…. tell that joe mcnally…

  • wickerprints

    David Rychart’s point is that an optical master trigger doesn’t show up in the exposure because it sends the light signal *prior* to the actual exposure, not during.

    Having this functionality in a pop-up flash is convenient. It’s great for when you don’t want the extra bulk of a RF transceiver. When you see how the EOS 7D is able to control groups of Speedlites, you begin to appreciate the elegance of the approach. Yes, by all means use RF transceivers when necessary, but in a lot of cases it’s overkill and adds another point of failure.

    Complaining about pop-up flash is like complaining about video recording. I’ve never understood why some photographers want less functionality. If it’s that hard to avoid using it, or if one really resents having it take up space, then I can’t help but wonder about one’s maturity level. Cameras are not tailor-made to each photographer’s personal wishes.

  • Andrew

    It doesnt change the fact that your paying for a polycarbonate body yes polycarbonate is a strong material, but for this sort of money i would expect a magnesium alloy body.

  • Michael Lieberman

    Still, entry level full frame you expect something more along the lines of 1500-1600 not really 2000, especially when you can get a used 5d mark ii for about 1500-1600 if you find a good deal.

  • TSY87

    2k for an “entry-level” full frame is still too high IMHO. It should essentially be a full frame rebel… very low spec, plastic build, etc… but also come in at a much lower price point. 1500 +/- would be reasonable.

  • Alizarine Bloodleaf

    @adamlunatone:disqus wickerprints is right. I’ve been doing that “popup flash as master” thing on my entry-level Pentax K-x before I had a trigger and I am very positive it does not come up in the photo.

  • Thomas

    Oops, too late. Just ordered the first Nikon gear. D600 or D800 to follow.

  • Terrie

    That pop-up flash has saved the day for me when I needed it but $1999 for a plastic build not for me.

  • Ryan Gouthro

    I’m hoping it has a crop mode like the nikon, that would be quite useful with teles. I really want to get into full frame (I own a t2i) but canon is making it awfully hard compared to nikon. By the time I have 2k+tax it would be much more worth it to get a used 5diii for a few hundred more