Crazy Rumor: Nikon Camera With a Canon EF Mount

We’re gonna call this rumor “significantly farfetched,” but stranger things have happen and we’d hate to miss out on this one just in case somehow it comes to fruition. Someone personally told the folks over at Northlight Images that Nikon and Canon are swapping some patents, the result of which will be a Nikon camera with an EF mount.

Rather than speculate (you guys can do that in the comments) we’ll leave you with an entertaining DigitalRev video from Christmas Day 2011 featuring the fictitious Canikon 1D3s:

(via Northlight Images via Canon Rumors)

  • Esorauf

    Very funny!  How about a Leiblad.

  • Josh Gordon

    *checks watch* 

    Nope, not Apr 1st… 

  • Josh Gordon

    *checks watch* 

    Nope, not Apr 1st… 

  • Wallerus


  • Vladimir Byazrov

    They should get married already.  
    As I see it Canon and Nikon would be good as one.

  • Zak Henry

    While it would be nice to have all the good bits combined personally I think competition is more valuable, both for prices and R&D drive

  • Michael Darnton

    Stranger things have happened. How about a Mamiya with a Canon lens in an Exakta mount:

  • wickerprints

    Swapping mounts is only one small aspect of camera system interoperability.  Even if you could swap the mounts, (1) the difference in flange focal distance means that the mirror box would need to be completely redesigned; (2) the AF system would need to work with the different lenses; (3) lens-body communication would have to be reprogrammed; etc.  In effect, it would be simpler to describe those aspects of the body that would NOT need changing, such as the firmware and hardware interfaces (including the ergonomics); the sensor and image processing electronics; the battery; the shutter; and the optical viewfinder.  In virtually all other respects, a Nikon body designed around an EF mount would essentially be a Canon camera, or Nikon would have to develop their own hardware/software solutions to address the incompatibilities.  And the same goes in reverse.

    That’s not to say it would never happen–it’s just that such speculation almost always leaves out these details.  Nobody would ever buy a hybrid system if it didn’t do all the things you could do with an all-Nikon or all-Canon system.  So if you swap the mount you have to consider the impact on AF, for example.  It’s never as simple as just slapping an EF mount on a Nikon, as the article suggests.

  • Am

    What they could do, is standardized their batteries. If they combined to standardized their batteries, manufacturing cost would go down, in the long term.

  • Slash_Cynic

    Nikon would lose so much money on their lenses if this were to become a reality.

  • bob cooley

    Nikon is primarily an optics company – why would they put Canon optics on their bodies…. This rumour weighs in at (minus) 99.99%