Face Swap App Lets You Quickly Swap Faces With Friends

It looks like Microsoft is finally putting its war chest and brilliant minds to good use: the company has released a new free app for Windows Phone users called Face Swap. The app uses face detection to let you quickly switch the faces of subjects in your photos. Simply shake the phone and faces will be swapped! The resulting face swap photos can be saved or shared on social networking websites. Hopefully they turn this into a web app soon.

Face Swap (via Engadget)

  • Kbledsoephoto

    Am I the only that thinks this example photo doesn’t show much of a ‘swap’ in the faces? lol. Maybe they should have used other people for the example.

  • thony

    i thnik the same… is there a big difference?

  • Kbledsoephoto

    When you go to the website, it does show a ‘little’ difference; apparently the gentleman’s face on the right is a little lighter, and when you swap the faces (and view it larger on the website), it does show a ‘little’ difference. It’s NOT very noticeable though.

  • Justkidding

    why so racist?

  • Anonymous

    Some people jump on the racist bandwagon at the shake of a smart-phone… or were you “justkidding”? 

  • mrbeard

    why would you want to swap faces anyway, i dont get it.

  • Kbledsoephoto

    I wouldn’t call it racism; note I didn’t say anything racist. But there really isn’t that much of a difference. If you can’t see that, then you are blind.

  • jimmythepenguin

    There’s one for the iPhone too now. just gave it a go. even swapped my face with a picture from a magazine i was holding up. now i’m david hasselhoff. yeah!