Make a DIY Lens Cap Using a Soda Can

mr-korn over at Lomography recently snagged a cheap Olympus Zuiko 50mm lens on eBay, but the lens didn’t come with a lens cap. Rather than try and find a replacement cap for that particular lens, he decided to craft his own DIY cap using a can of Coke.

All you need to do is measure the correct size using your lens, and then cut out the following shape:

You can also use the plain silver side if having a colorful lens cap isn’t your cup of tea.

Yes we CAN!: DIY Lens Cap [Lomography]

Image credits: Photographs by mr-korn/Lomography and used with permission

  • David Williams

    Strange. I would have found a lens cap myself as that coke can looks like hard work. And you might cut yourself aswell.  :/

  • Demian Linn

    Silly lomographers. That’s the worst lens cap ever! Is it single use?

  • Anonymous

    No idea how much the OEM lens cap costs, but you can buy a screw-in for 5-6 bucks. Seems easier.

  • Michelle MshelChicago Wodzinsk

    I’d surely cut myself trying to create this

  • Phillip Jago

    Pepsi is better! 

  • Rocky Mountain Fellow

    Bah… I had that same camera/lens back in the day. Not a bad shooter as I recall. Hardly what a lomography “purist” would use. That said, he got some free press over something ridiculous, and I am spewing about it, lol. Point for the dork.