Exploding Hydrogen Balloons Shot Matrix-style with 24 Canon DSLRs

To capture “portraits of the sun” and to illustrate its power, General Electric filled 20 weather balloons with hydrogen and helium, surrounded them with 24 Canon DSLR cameras (18 7Ds and 6 60Ds), and shot the balloons exploding Matrix-style.

(via Laughing Squid)

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  • Felipe Yang

    The credits said 18 7Ds and 6 60Ds…

  • Brett

    Which effectively have the same photo taking abilities.

  • Steffen Goerlitz

    But yet, still the title is still wrong.

  • Rob573

    pretty awesome video.

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  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for the catch. We’ve fixed the title and post :)

  • Steven Alan Worster


  • Michael Zhang

    Hey Steven,

    It was, but we corrected it :)

  • Student4Life

    The hydrogen is not exploding, it is burning. The pop you hear is simply the container (balloon). :)

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not the best execution I’ve seen for this type of video.  And GE is still a freeloading government leeching company who’ll use ANY buzzword to continue raking in its billions.  

    And that’s coming from a capitalist pig.

  • Adrianchoo

    If I’m not mistaken, this is combustion. The sun doesn’t ‘burn’ (there’s no oxygen in space). Its a nuclear reaction. Hence this does not correctly capture “Portraits of the Sun” .

  • xpirex

    this is pretty rubbish…