Canon Tries to Steal Eyes from Sony with a New 120 Megapixel Sensor

Sony dropped quite an announcement today with its new pellicle mirror DSLRs, but Canon doesn’t want us to forget that they have announcements coming up as well.

They released an (semi-meaningless) announcement of their own today: the development of a 120-megapixel APS-H sensor that can handle HD-video recording and 9.5fps shooting. This is the same sensor size found in the 1D line of DSLRs. But get this — they have no plans for actually producing this sensor in a camera anytime soon.

Thus, even though this is pretty interesting news that was widely reported today, it appears that this was some sort of clever scheme devised by Canon’s marketing department to steal some thunder from Sony’s pellicle mirror news. Lets see if Canon can match it when they release their new camera on August 26th.

  • Paul Jubenvill

    what benefit in all these megapixels? 120 megapixels crammed on APS-H size sensor is still… an APS-H sized sensor! we will do better with a full-frame sensor that has fewer megapixels.

    canon is having trouble with sony who is (at present) passing them in innovation and value — people are just taking awhile to notice that, for example, an alpha 300 as entry-level dSLR is much less expensive but much more innovative than the entry-level canons and nikons.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    Now I know which sensor is in the Wonder Camera

  • QuBe

    Handle HD? What are they talking about?
    They blew past 1920×1080 HD video capability by 118 megapixels.

    I wouldn’t want to have to work with those RAW files….open as 16bit tifs and you’ll soon need your own robotic datacenter for storage.

    With current computers, do a liquify as you leave for vacation, and it’ll just be finished as you return. :D

  • Zak Henry

    Is this for real? There is a reason point and shoot camera have poor image quality – tiny pixel pitch. The optics simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with such a system.

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