Stabilize Your Camera with Some PVC Pipe

When Instructables member bertus52x11 had his cast removed after breaking his arm, he found that his arm was too weak to handle his DSLR camera. Realizing that those less fortunate might have similar problems with handling heavy equipment, he created a do-it-yourself camera support using PVC pipe that transfers the weight of your camera to your chest.

In addition to allowing people to more easily handle heavy cameras, the chest support also acts as a stabilizer, reducing camera shake in situations where you don’t have a tripod. He writes,

This device can help people with a weak arm or hand, but it can be helpful to people with Parkinson to stabilise the camera. Naturally it can be used for stabilising pocket cameras as well. You can then slim down the design by using smaller (copper) tubing. Once you have chosen for copper, a Steampunk design is never far away. I would like to see that!

If you’re interested in creating such a support for yourself or someone you know, check out the easy-to-follow tutorial on Instructables:

Supporting a dSLR camera on your chest (via Lifehacker)

  • .

    I have a problem, I could do with something to stabilize my camera, but a neck problem prevents me from using something like this. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Luke

    I saw a guy with a string and a washer. String is attached to bottom of camera, washer is on the other end. He steps on the washer, lifts the camera to his eye, string becomes taught. Instantlty stabilized!

  • NicScott

    I've seen descriptions of those online too. The string is actually tied around a small screw with the same thread as a tripod. So the whole thing only costs a couple of dollars. Obviously it only works for up and down shake but that's a pretty big reduction. Lifehacker and Instructables have lots of diy tips for photographers.

  • .

    Thanks, good idea!

  • jeiji

    Oh awesome! Ingenious. I would do it, if I had time to make it, lol.

  • shemarine4018

    I agree jeiji!! Ingenious!! Big props to the inventor of this contraption!

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  • JessicaLum

    Maybe you could make a version of this contraption that distributes weight to the shoulders instead of a neck strap?

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  • marc

    That won't get you weird looks at all.

  • Anonymous

    The Manfrotto shoulder support for $24 is smaller and works pretty well, with or without a monopod.