Picfair: The All-In-One Solution for Selling Your Photography

Online options for selling your photography are complex, unfair, and disconnected. Marketplaces can give you exposure, but most of the larger names (if they let you in) make you sacrifice pricing control, rights options, and most of your royalties — the vast majority of the money your images generate go to them, not you.

Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by Picfair.

Choose the DIY route with your own website? Once you’ve added e-commerce add-ons and print product fulfillment, things get pretty complex and expensive. And then you’re on your own – any exposure is down to you to generate.

But Picfair is doing something very different. Launched a few years ago, their marketplace is open to any photographer, gives you full pricing control, and also gives you the vast majority of the money your images generate (they add 20% on top whatever price you set). They’ve attracted over 40,000 photographers in 130 countries already.

The Picfair marketplace, a pool of all Picfair images, where global image buyers such as Google, Ogilvy, and Nat Geo can buy images and find photographers to work with

But here’s the neat bit: Picfair now also gives you your own free store. Once you’ve uploaded your images and named your prices, they become available to purchase as digital downloads and a range of printed products … on their marketplace and on your own store.

Finally – the personalization of your own website, and the exposure of a global marketplace … at the same time! And for free!

An example of the photography Store that every Picfair photographer gets for free. conormolloy.picfair.com
An example of the photography Store that every Picfair photographer gets for free. irenaanna.picfair.com

Picfair provides everything for you – when you upload, they allocate the appropriate licenses: Editorial, Commercial, and Advertising (Advertising licenses cost 10x more than the price of Editorial and Commercial licenses). All of their licenses are single-use too, unlike the “Royalty Free” licenses that most marketplaces force their photographers to adopt (Royalty Free gives buyers almost unlimited usage of your image for a single fee).

They also manage the entire printing process on your behalf – giving buyers a range of high-quality canvases, framed prints, and giclee art prints, which Picfair produces and ships globally. Whenever you sell a download or a print, you get paid whatever you’ve asked for and can cash out whenever you like.

An image for sale on Picfair photographer Roger Sharp’s Store

The free personalized Stores are sleek and minimal, and launchable immediately after you’ve uploaded your first images. If you want to play with multiple display options there is an option to upgrade to Picfair Plus for £4.99/€5.99/$6.99 a month – a lot cheaper than other website builder options (Photoshelter’s standard plan is $29.99 a month; Shopify’s basic option is $29 a month).

Picfair versus similar services

A subscription to Picfair Plus also strips away the Picfair branding from your store, lets you use your own custom domain, add your own custom logo and welcome page, and plenty of new features are being added regularly. Picfair Plus is for photographers who want a fully branded professional home for their photography, without any of the hassle – you can change the look and feel of your Store in a few clicks.

An of a photographer using a custom logo and display options on their Picfair Plus Stores. tadeja.picfair.com.
An example of a photographer using a custom logo and display options on their Picfair Plus Stores. www.x700.gallery.

And of course, all of the images on your store are simultaneously available on Picfair’s global marketplace. Picfair photographers have had images purchased for the covers of National Geographic and Time Inc titles, and have also featured in the Financial Times, Economist, Conde Nast, The Guardian, Time Out, the Oxford University Press, and a range of international publications and brands.

Amateur photographer Trevor Mills’ shot was featured on Nat Geo Traveller, via Picfair

Picfair has also recently launched its assignments network – helping businesses like Google and Ogilvy find photographers for commissioned work across their global network.

In an online world where selling your images can be daunting and complicated, Picfair is now a single entry point for selling your images – and yourself! – in every possible way. All the complication has been stripped away, meaning you spend less time wading your way through complex site-builders and prohibitive marketplaces … and more time doing what you love: getting behind the lens.


Image credits: Header screenshot of Picfair photographer Valentin Valkov’s Store