Photo Contest: Giving Away 10 Portfolio Upgrades on 500px


500px is sponsoring us for the next week and a half to promote its new Portfolios, which we covered back in early April. As part of the partnership, we’re running a photo contest for the next 10 days in which 10 people will have their accounts upgraded to the new portfolio system.

Before we get into how you can enter the contest, we’ll do a quick introduction to how the new system works.

The creation process comprises three steps: selection, design, and customization. You start off by selecting “your very best” photographs to include in the portfolio:


Next, you’re asked to choose a theme. There are a number of pre-made themes for your to choose from:


You can tweak and customize pre-made themes to your liking, but if you’d like to make your own theme completely from scratch, there’s also a Portfolio Developer system you can apply for.

The last step is customization. There’s a new Theme Editor that lets you adjust many of the aspects of your Portfolio page through a simple user interface consisting of text boxes and sliders:


There are many different options for customizing the page:


If you’re comfortable with working in HTML, you can edit the look and feel of your portfolio directly at the scripting level:


It took us about 5 minutes to turn a selection of photographs into a portfolio, which you can check out for yourself at


Want to get started with creating your own photography portfolio through 500px? As we mentioned earlier, 500px is giving away 10 Portfolio upgrades, and we’re holding a photo contest to choose the winners.

From now until May 24th, 2013, you can enter the contest by simply uploading your photos to 500px with the tag #PetaPixel. You can find all the entries here.

Once the contest ends at noon EST on May 24th, 2013, 500px will select the 10 best photographs. They’ll be announced here, and the owners’ accounts will be upgraded! Good look!