Get this $35 AI Photo Editor for Free and Stop Wasting Time on Manual Processing

We live such hectic lives that there’s hardly ever any time to stop and appreciate the beauty around us (let alone take a picture of it). Even if you do manage to carve out a little photography time, even the simplest editing offers new challenges to overcome. All the tools, masks, layers, filters — not everyone has time for that.

AI to the Rescue

Are you short on time, or even (gasp) don’t like photo editing? AI and machine learning can help. By working with top photographers and looking at millions of before and after images, Photolemur can solve over a dozen photo issues automatically.

Skylum knows that a lot of photographers aren’t sure how to work AI into their workflow (and might even be a little afraid of the impending “robot invasion”). That’s why they are offering a free, fully-licensed copy absolutely of Photolemur. No strings attached, yours to keep, but the offer is time-limited. Click the link to get Photolemur.

Real Corrections that you Control

Skylum Software has found the perfect balance between AI and humanity. Their photo editing tools remove the boring parts of photo editing, but still offer intuitive, uncluttered controls to refine the look. You won’t believe how refreshing it is to finally find the tool that allows you to bring out the best in your photo in just a click or two.

Here are the key features of Photolemur:

  • Perfect exposure. Get the ideal exposure under any light, every pixel is optimized for great tone, detail, and color.
  • Automatic skin and face enhancement. Within seconds, the skin in a photo gets smoother, teeth whiter and imperfections disappear.
  • Smart eyes. To create an expressive portrait, Photlemur can slightly enlarge the eyes and enhance their sharpness.
  • Adding style to photos. Do you sometimes feel like your images need a new creative look? Photolemur solves this problem with its styles that instantly transform the mood of your photo.

Photolemur is your chance to experience this firsthand. You can fix color, tone, skin, skies, and more without tedious, boring work. Photolemur makes the art of editing photos accessible to nearly everyone. Now, you don’t need to have advanced skills or knowledge to adjust your images to make them more eye-pleasing. Simply to drag and drop a picture (or launch a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin) and let the amazing Photolemur take care of the complex photo editing in no time.

Who is Skylum Software?

Skylum Software is an innovative company that has been creating cutting-edge photo editing solutions for over a decade. They hope you find AI tools useful and check out their award-winning Luminar and Aurora HDR tools. They want to make photographers’ lives more relaxed with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Simply put, they think once you try Photolemur you’ll love it. And if you do, that you’ll check out their new Luminar 4 plugin and application. Regardless, Photolemur is 100% free. The app and plugin will completely change your workflow for the better.

Photolemur — AI-powered tool for swift yet impressive photo editing

Sounds neat, right? Visit this page to get this fully-licensed editor forever. Hurry up, this is a limited offer for only 7 days — make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity before it ends.

Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by Skylum Software.