Automatic Vintage Lens II: A Harmonious Blend of Luxury Timepiece and Vintage Camera

This isn’t the first time Japanese watchmakers, TACS, have launched a camera-inspired timepiece. Last year, they released the Automatic Vintage Lens II (AVL II), which proved to be their best seller. Now, this stunning timepiece is being released with a new variant that photography buffs will love — and it’s going to be available just in time for Father’s Day!

Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by TACS.

The original version of AVL II was met with tremendous approval by TACS’ customer base. However, feedback indicated that there was strong demand for a new version with a darker strap. After several months at the drawing board, TACS has officially redesigned the original AVL II timepiece and released the all-new Rustic Brown variant.

The Rustic Brown version of AVL II retains the essence of what made the original AVL II such a hit but adds a new stylistic flair that takes into account customer feedback.

The new variant is much more than just a darker strap, the strap back is now water resistant with extra padding for your wearing comfort.

Staying true to the original AVL II. An exposed, Japanese Automatic Movement ensures that the wearer can truly appreciate the intricacy of timepiece engineering.

Sapphire crystal recreates the look of a camera lens, adding an additional level of depth and protection to the timepiece.

High-quality HORWEEN leather is used to craft the strap, which is not only extremely comfortable but also allows for a non-intrusive wearing experience.

Hidden odes to cameras are also dotted all around the timepiece. For example, popular focal lengths replace traditional minute indicators, a camera loop evokes the look of vintage shooters and special textures give the watch the essential feel of a high-quality camera.

While this timepiece has not yet been officially released to the public, you can preorder your very own AVL II Brown variant or the Vintage Brown variant with 30% and 20% off the original price of $550, respectively, with the exclusive code “PetaPixelVip” for PetaPixel readers by following this link.

About TACS: TACS is a Japanese lifestyle watch brand that focuses all its timepieces on combining minimalistic styling with unique design concepts and relatable stories. Each timepiece TACS creates is meant to resonate with the wearer, making them not just time-telling tools, but an extension of the wearer’s ethos and style.