Creating Your Own Photo Store Isn’t Hard: Here Are 7 Top Stores Made with Picfair Plus

Have you always wanted your own online photography store but found it to be too expensive, time-consuming, or difficult to set up and maintain? Picfair Plus could be the solution. Priced at around 2 cups of coffee a month ($6.99/€5.99/£4.99) it’s 65% cheaper than similar offerings from Zenfolio and Photoshelter – and it’s even cheaper if you pay annually.

Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by Picfair.

To start selling digital downloads and prints, all you have to do is upload your images, set your prices, and cash out when you make a sale. Picfair takes care of everything else: licensing, storage, and print production and deliveries. You can personalize your store with your own logo and watermark, your own layouts and menu options, and even use a custom domain.

For those not interested in customization there is a free option, and every photographer on Picfair also has their images added to Picfair’s central marketplace, which has buyers such as Nat Geo, Time Inc and Google, so there’s more than one way to make sales.

For a limited time, Picfair is offering PetaPixel readers 30% off – that means just $49/€41.30/£34.30 for the whole first year or $4.99/€4.13/£3.43 for the first month. Just use the code PETAPIXEL30 when you check out. Start now.

Take a look below at 7 beautiful photography stores created using Picfair Plus:

Valentin Valkov:

What he said: “What won me over is the time I’m able to save with Picfair. Just drag and drop and I’m done. Also setting my own prices makes me feel in control of how I sell my work”

We’re welcomed by a stunning welcome page emblazoned with Valentin’s custom logo

And Valentin’s album of seascapes is gorgeous

Miles Gray:

Miles Gray uses his Picfair Plus store as his main photography website, hosted on his own domain –

A great feature for photographers like Miles is the ability to create a custom menu, making it easy for buyers to navigate large collections

We can purchase digital downloads and prints directly from the store, and Picfair handles the delivery of the images – as digital downloads and printed products.

Beara Creative:

What they said: “My Picfair Plus Store has now replaced my Photoshelter site which was unwieldy, expensive and not producing any sales. It’s a doddle to set up, and I run it as a subdomain of my existing site The best part though is the fair amount I get paid for sales. None of the other agencies I use come close to offering this.”

Picfair stores have multiple layout options – we’re a fan of Beara Creative’s homepage, a single stream of stunning images. Simple but effective.

It’s really helpful to be able to view images in a slideshow, as seen with Beara Creative’s diver here – surprisingly not a feature that all store builders offer. Using a custom watermark enhances their branding, too.

John Mount:

What he said: I’ve been genuinely thrilled with my experience. I uploaded some photos, picked my styles and created albums, titles, and tags, and found the process fast, easy and efficient (remarkably more so than I’ve found elsewhere). Then my work was done and Picfair does the rest. I think my store looks great. I am very happy with it but I am even happier with all the views I’ve been getting. I feel like I have a business partner that actually has my interests in mind.

John’s collection is spectacular. Here, antique glass-plate negatives meet Instagram-style square image display. The best of both worlds!

The search option makes it easy for your customers to sift through large collections

Pip Forsyth:

What he said: “I love using Picfair Plus because I can customize my Store to my exact needs. I opted to link my domain name to my store, so when I hand out business cards, clients can find my store easily. I’ve also found the customer support to be brilliant. I needed some help with using my custom domain and the support has always been friendly and responsive.”

Pip’s collection of fauna and flora, organized into specific albums, is well worth checking out

All images on Picfair stores are protected by watermarks as default, but if you want to remove them altogether to really show off your images you can, as Pip has done here

Pappas Bland:

What they said: “Picfair Plus has taken Picfair’s service to another level by allowing photographers to create their own storefront – and as photographers with our own portfolio website this allows us to refer a potential customer from our website to our Picfair Store where we can retain some control over the organization and aesthetics of the store and leave the transaction itself to Picfair.

There are other platforms that provide this too of course, but as Picfair also has its own stock marketplace there’s an underlying level of buyers browsing for images which their competitors do not have. A customized store with a global marketplace supporting it is an ideal combination for us, so we are excited to get as much of our work uploaded to Picfair as possible.”

We love PappasBland’s striking aesthetic with their collection of macro leaf studies

Urban Photo Lab:

What they said: “I have been with Picfair from the beginning and believe in them strongly. I have now set up a store, working together with my partner as Urban Photo Lab on Picfair Plus.

We love using Picfair Plus for its simplicity and speed. Uploading an image is so efficient, finished within seconds, and is directly online. You don’t have to wait for several days as with other competitors.

Organizing and managing the store is also very efficient compared to other platforms. You work your way down the store settings, create an album, choose a theme and you have an online store. And you can even set your own price, giving what you think your photography is worth.”

A color assault! Urban Photo Lab’s eye-catching welcome page

You can find out more information about licensing on the Store’s about page

For a limited time, Picfair is offering PetaPixel readers 30% off – that means just $49/€41.30/£34.30 for your first year or $4.99/€4.13/£3.43 for your first month. Just use the code PETAPIXEL30 when you check out. Start now.