I Used a Smartwatch to Turn a Vintage Camera Into a Digital Slideshow

Last fall, in preparation for a fair for my wedding photography business in Helsinki, I wanted to create something out-of-the-ordinary that would attract attention to my booth. A friend of mine suggested a type of vintage camera that visitors could look through.

Vintage camera with a mini slideshow inside? Sounds like a plan!

Fossil’s Q Smartwatch Puts Instagram Husbands Out of a Job

Fossil's Q smartwatches contain a feature that lets you take pictures with your smartphone camera by simply pressing one of the watch's buttons. To promote this watch and feature, Fossil created the above followup to the Instagram Husbands video that went viral last year.

Hyetis Crossbow: A New Smartwatch that Packs a 41MP Camera

Smartphones might be bludgeoning the point-and-shoot market, and wearable computers like Google Glass may someday return the favor, but there's a new gadget picking up steam that could help the smartphone retain superiority. We're talking about the smartwatch, and if the new Hyetis Crossbow is any indication, smartwatches aren't playing around when it comes to photography.