5 Hacks for Creative Photography in 1 Minute

Want to spice up your photography and try some unorthodox methods for getting unusual photos? This 1-minute video may be the inspiration you need. Photographer Dan Watson runs through 5 neat accessories that will let you "hack" your way to creative photos.

Macro Video Shows How Strange Everyday Objects Look Up Close

The Macro Room YouTube channel is quickly becoming a PetaPixel favorite. It started with dissolving pills, moved on to burning steel wool, and now the channel is revealing the odd textures and patterns of everyday objects when you look at them up close.

I Shoot Photos of Giant Things Without Relying on Photoshop

For the past two years, I have been working on a series titled GIANT. I started this project because, well, it seemed like it would be hella fun. And it truly has been -- every agonizing moment of it.

6 Photographers Asked to Shoot the Same Objects… With No Repeats

Canon Australia has been conducting a series of experiments that are "designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens." For the latest one, titled "Evolution," the company gathered 6 professional photographers and gave them everyday objects to photograph. But there was one simple rule: the same composition cannot be shot twice.

The results can be seen in the 2-minute video above.

Photos of Everything People Touched Over 24 Hours

What do the things we touch over the course of a day say about us? That's the question artist Paula Zuccotti asks through her project Every Thing We Touch. Traveling the world, she asks people to document every single small object they come in contact with over the course of 24 hours -- excluding large and/or fixed things.

Zuccotti then organizes everything neatly on a flat surface and captures a still life photo -- a snapshot that can reveal quite a bit about the person.

Man-Made Objects Spotted in Nature

Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen photographs man-made objects in nature as if they belonged there. The objects are arranged to look like packs of animals, humans, and natural formations.