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5 Hacks for Creative Photography in 1 Minute


Want to spice up your photography and try some unorthodox methods for getting unusual photos? This 1-minute video may be the inspiration you need. Photographer Dan Watson runs through 5 neat accessories that will let you “hack” your way to creative photos.

1. Smoke Emitter

Try using a pocket-sized smoke emitter to engulf your models in a shroud of mystery.

2. Crystal Ball Globe

A glass sphere will invert the scene in front of you and make for an interesting foreground.

3. Sun Catcher

A “sun catcher” children’s toy will give some very awesome effects to your images, splitting and scattering light all over the shot.

4. LED Lights

Most people have them somewhere in the house, whether that’s dangling nicely at your bedside or stuffed away in a box in the attic. LED lights can be a neat little tool for adding a different kind of light to your photo.

5. Triangular Prism

Try using a triangular prism to split up light wavelengths and introduce different colors into the foreground.

Be sure to check out the full video above to see how exactly each object is used, as well as some other examples of what they produce. You can follow along with Watson’s videos by subscribing to his YouTube channel.