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Photos of Everything People Touched Over 24 Hours


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What do the things we touch over the course of a day say about us? That’s the question artist Paula Zuccotti asks through her project Every Thing We Touch. Traveling the world, she asks people to document every single small object they come in contact with over the course of 24 hours — excluding large and/or fixed things.

Zuccotti then organizes everything neatly on a flat surface and captures a still life photo — a snapshot that can reveal quite a bit about the person.

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Here are some of the photos in the series:

Adriana, 46, Phoenix, Arizona. Horse Vet

Adriana(46) Pheonix copy

Anna, 2, Tokyo, Japan.

Anna(2) Tokyo copy

David, 23, Tucson, Arizona. Cowboy.

David(23) Tucson 7

Jayne, 41, San Francisco, California.

Jayne(41) San Francisco copy

Kitty, 25, Melbourne, Australia.

Kitty(25) Melbourne copy

Liu, 71, Shanghai, China.

Liu(71) Shanghai copy

Nini, 28, Shanghai, China. Artist.

Nini(28) Shanghai copy 4

Earlier this month, Zuccotti published this project as a new 256-page photo book titled “Every Thing We Touch: A 24-Hour Inventory of Our Lives.” It contains photos for nearly 70 people around the world. You can also find more shots and info from this project on its website. Zuccotti is on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Image credits: Photographs by Paula Zuccotti and used with permission