Samsung NX1 Receives Firmware v1.3 with Improved Video Recording and Autofocus

Samsung’s flagship camera, the NX1, has had its firmware updated to version 1.3, bringing a collection of new enhancements and abilities. When introduced, the NX1 was poised against Sony’s A7s as both units brought to market 4K video recording. However, the Samsung NX1 was capable of recording UHD video without the need for an external recorder. Samsung’s latest enhancements focus on largely adding additional features for movie recording while also improving the still photography experience.

Samsung NX1 Review: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The other day I was speaking with a friend and he was lamenting about having to deal with 2 minutes of aimless introduction at the start every review. "There's always something" he said. He now skips the beginning just to get the beans of the review and the conclusive notes.

By definition a conclusion must come at the end, but photography is about breaking the rules isn't it? So today that is what I'm doing. I'll start with the conclusion at the top and if you care enough after reading the TL:DR, you can keep going.

Hands On with the Samsung NX1: One Samsung Camera to Rule Them All

Samsung is making a statement with the recently announced NX1, and that statement is, "pros, we're ready for you." Up till now, any pros who wanted to use Samsung gear -- and there are some that do -- have had to settle for prosumer bodies designed more for the first time buyer than the seasoned pro.

With the introduction of the NX1, that status quo is no more, and a little bit of time with this incredibly powerful new body drives that point home splendidly.