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Samsung Cameras Are a No-Show at CES 2016: Looks Like the End is Nigh



Things definitely aren’t looking too hot for you if you’re a fan of Samsung’s digital cameras. The South Korean company has been showing off many of its latest and greatest products in Las Vegas at CES 2016, but there hasn’t been a single mention or appearance of a Samsung camera.

For months, there have been rumors swirling around about Samsung killing off its camera business — rumors that Samsung has been mum about (and occasionally denied). But then Samsung began officially pulling out of camera markets… first in Germany, and then in the UK.

There were also crazy reports of Nikon possibly acquiring Samsung’s mirrorless technology — rumors that both companies denied and which now are believed to be a completely false hoax.

But if you were holding out hope that Samsung still has big camera plans up its sleeve, then CES 2016 is a big sign that you should probably start letting go of that dream.

Samsung has a shiny 5000-square-foot floor space at the expo, but not a single digital camera is on display. “I think Samsung is now done with their camera business,” writes PhotoRumors. “The CES show was pretty much their last chance to show a proof of life.”

“Pour one out for Samsung cameras,” writes Dan Bracaglia of DPReview, “because at this point, I would not be surprised if it’s a thing of the past.”

Samsung continues to be completely silent when asked about what’s going on with its camera business, and what the future plans are. When questioned by Amateur Photographer, Samsung refused to say whether or not it even still makes cameras.

Image credits: Header illustration based on photo by Televisione Streaming