Markus Hofstaetter scratched lenses

Should You Buy a Scratched Lens?

It seems like a scratched lens would produce poor images, but as Markus Hofstaetter shows, it can be hard to tell when looking at the photos themselves. Scratched lenses are typically relatively cheap to purchase second-hand, and they can represent a fantastic bargain.

I Shot Ultra-Macro Video of the Wet Plate Collodion Process

Normally I use videos to document my work. This time the video is the main outcome of my work -- I shot an ultra-macro video that shows how the crystals/salts change during the wet plate collodion process.

Shooting a 300-Megapixel Photo: Film vs Digital

For a recent project, I was tasked with shooting a hot rod. It was exciting from the beginning, because this particular kind of car is pretty rare here where I live. The owner also requested that their dog sit on the car's fender, and for the photos to be huge -- 100 megapixels were too few.