European Union AI Act

EU Negotiators Reach Agreement on World’s First AI Regulations

After lengthy negotiations, European Union officials have reached an agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Act, a set of comprehensive regulations surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) that could provide a blueprint for other nations and regions aiming to limit the dangers of AI.

Google Search Could Ditch All Photo Thumbnails Under EU Copyright Law

In September 2018, the European Parliament voted in favor of the highly controversial EU Copyright Directive, which aims to "harmonize" copyright law across Europe. But critics argue the law could destroy the open Web, and now Google is showing an eye-opening look at what its search results could soon look like.

Online Photos Can’t Be Used Without Permission, EU Court Rules

A Virginia federal court sparked quite a controversy among photographers last month when it ruled that copying photos found on the Internet is fair use. Now a European Union court has just issued a landmark ruling that states you can't simply republish a photo because it's freely accessible online -- you need the photographer's permission first.

Anti-Freedom of Panorama Proposal Rejected by EU

Good news for photographers in Europe: freedom of panorama will live on to see another day -- in most countries, at least. Today the European Parliament voted on a controversial proposal that threatened to restrict the photography of copyrighted buildings and sculptures from public places. An overwhelming majority of MEPs voted against the plan.

Petition for Saving Freedom of Panorama in Europe Passes 300K Signatures

Last month, we shared how "freedom of panorama" has come under attack in Europe. According to a proposed amendment to copyright reforms being considered, photographers would need to seek authorization before commercially using photos showing copyrighted works that are permanently located in public spaces.

Once word of the proposed amendment got out, photographers have been working hard to speak out against the proposal in order to retain freedom of panorama.