Two race cars speeding past the finish line on a racetrack, with the leading blue and white car crossing over the checkered line.

The NASCAR Camera Tech Behind a Historic 0.001s Photo Finish

So far, this NASCAR season has been one of slim margins and photo finishes. PetaPixel chatted with photographer Alex Slitz about his image of a three-way photo finish at Atlanta Motor Speedway in February, but last week's race at Kansas Speedway was somehow even closer -- with Kyle Larson winning by 0.001 second.

Canon Files 2 Curved Sensor Patents, One You Can Control

Curved sensor mania first took over the blogosphere back in 2014 thanks to Sony and their curved creation. But while that sensor never really came to anything worthwhile—although it was used in a "camera"—two Canon patents are sparking interest in this technology once again.

This Tiny UV Camera Shows You if You’ve Put On Enough Sunscreen

In 2014, filmmaker Tom Leveritt used an ultraviolet camera to show people their skin like they'd never seen it before. Now, you can do the same thing with the Sunscreenr: a tiny, waterproof UV camera that is meant to keep you slathering on sunscreen by showing you when you've used enough and where it's worn off.

Researchers Develop Camera That Uses Natural Light to See Around Corners

Researchers Ori Katz, Eran Small, and Yaron Silberberg of the Weizmann Institute in Israel have made a giant leap forward where camera technology is concerned: they have developed a camera system that can both see through things and around corners without using x-rays or complex lasers. Using natural light, a CCD camera and what's referred to as an SLM or spatial light modulator, they're able to take scattered light and pull out a relatively clear image.