COVID Kiss: The Story Behind a Pulitzer-Winning Photo Series

Last week, Associated Press photographer Emilio Morenatti delivered to a Spanish couple a framed copy of perhaps the most iconic photo of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the elderly. In the photo, the two are seen embracing through a plastic sheet after 100 days of not seeing each other.

Shooting Street Photos to Improve as Wedding Photographers

In 2013, 8 wedding photographers, scattered around the UK, decided to get together and take an October trip to Paris. We were to live together for a few days, wander the streets and dedicate each day to street photography. In the evening we would review and critique each others work.

Awesome Barcelona Time-Lapse Made up of 480GB of Photos

What does it take to get your time-lapse picked up as a Vimeo Staff Pick? Well, in photographer Alexandr Kravtsov's case: "a broken camera, lost flash drive, nearly 100 subway rides, 24,000 photos, endless hours of post-production and rendering and 480GB of material." But the time-lapse that came out on the other end probably made the whole experience worth it, and gives us a great foot on which to start the week.

Minimalist Photos of Overcast Sunrises Over the Sea in Barcelona

Silence is Grey, that's the message behind architect and advertising creative Rodríguez Moranta's photo series of the same name. Consisting of the same photo, taken from the same place almost every day for two years at sunrise, the series is a study in solitude.