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‘Dreamwalking Barcelona’ Goes Forward in Reverse with Artful Precision


Created by Brandon Li, Dreamwalking Barcelona is a beautifully shot video that takes us on the strange, backward journey of a young woman in Spain. As she walks forward through the world, the rest of the world moves backwards around her.

Inspired by formerly-featured creations like Tokyo Reversed, Dreamwalking Barcelona adds a healthy dose of art direction, injecting some much-appreciated storytelling and artistry into this mesmerizing technique.


For those wondering about the celebrations taking place, the short video was filmed during the Feast of St. Joan, “an annual celebration in which the locals (and tourists) light fireworks and party on the beach until dawn.”

At just over two minutes long, it’s a short watch. But the impressive art direction and rather trippy production make for a great watch that truly takes the ‘reverse’ idea to new heights. You can keep up with the work of Li over on his Vimeo page.