David Teran - Hasselblad Ballet

‘Hasselblad Ballet’ Celebrates Beauty of Dance and Analog Photography

Fine art portrait photographer David Teran traveled the world with his 1969 Hasselblad 500C/M camera to capture beautiful black and white portraits of some of the most talented and powerful ballerinas. Teran has launched a Kickstarter campaign to celebrate the multi-year project to release a special book, Hasselblad Ballet.

Ballet on Film

The Story of a Ballet School and the Pandemic Told Through a Yashica 635

When gazing at the photo series Ballet on Film by photographer Lisa Cho, it's natural to become enraptured by its charming conveyance of elegance, perseverance, and depth. The self-taught photographer -- who began her career in her 30s -- aims to translate her love of cinema and "beauty" through the lens of her treasured Yashica 635.

Ballet On the Streets of Havana, My Spontaneous Photo Experience

Cuba is one of the few places in the world where photography standard bar is set so high that even coming close to those standards feels like an achievement. Anyone who aspires to be creative and want to preserve time through the lenses would want to visits Cuba.

Ink Blot Inspired Photos Explore Color and Movement with Ballet Dancers and Powder

When photographer Jana Cruder was commissioned to photograph the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, she jumped at the opportunity to do something different -- something she felt would better express "the emotion and art of movement" that she witnessed when she saw them perform.

That something turned out to be copious amounts of colored corn starch.

The Beauty of the Ballet Captured in Time-Lapse and Slow Motion

The world of time-lapse photography is dominated mostly by landscape and city photography, with the occasionally astronomical time-lapse thrown in. And even though we've seen some spectacular examples of all three of those (just click on the links), we appreciate that the video at the top is a bit of a departure from the norm.

Shot by MIT Professor David Gifford and graduate student Adrian Dalca, the footage is a mix of time-lapse and slow motion that shows the beauty of the Boston Ballet practicing for the September show Night of Stars.

Young Greg Heisler on Photographing the American Ballet Theatre

Yesterday, we shared an interview with a young Annie Leibovitz, in which she discussed some of her most iconic photos. For today's blast from the past, we have this short interview with Greg Heisler, in which a very young version of the Heisler we know and love tells the story behind his photographs of the American Ballet Theatre.

Ethereal Photographs from Wonderland

Take a look at the portfolio of Washington D.C.-based photographer Cade Martin, and you'll feel like you're looking at movie stills from an upcoming live action Alice and Wonderland film. His beautiful, dreamlike photographs have themes of grace, beauty, repetition, and light.

Shooting Photos of Ballet Dancers on the Streets of Bratislava

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong recently traveled to the city of Bratislava (the capital and largest city of Slovakia) to photograph ballet dancer Ana Beschia and a number of dancers from National Slovak Theater. Using mostly natural ambient light, Von Wong captured the dancers leaping, dancing, and posing in various locations around town.