Provocative Photos of Camera Gear Arranged to Look Like Weaponry

Arranging camera equipment to look like a gun is not a novel idea, but photographer Jason Siegel's art project Shoot Portraits, Not People takes this provocative idea to a new level by building all sorts of weaponry and combat materials using hand-picked pieces chosen from over 200 pounds of camera parts.

Photographing the Famous Abandoned Church Full of ‘Ghosts’

In this blog I would like to show you one of the scariest churches I have ever visited, back in March 2015. The church is located in a small town in the Czech Republic, and it was originally built in the 14th century.

Visit the World’s Oldest Photo Museum Through Google Art Project

Opened in 1949, the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York is the world's oldest museum dedicated to photography. It's world renowned for its collection of more than 400,000 photos and negatives dating back to when the medium was first invented.

If you would like to check out some of the museum's photos but can't make the trip out to Rochester, there's now a sleek new way for you to browse the imagery. The museum announced this week that it has become the first photo museum to join the Google Art Project.

Disposable Cameras Exposed by Artists On Sale for $1,000 Each — Undeveloped

New York City gallery W/------ (pronounced "with") seems to think that art buying has gotten a bit snobby, and that photographers have gotten a bit used to having unlimited chances to capture the perfect shot. Enter their new Disposable Cameras project, currently on display at the NADA art fair in Miami through this weekend. If you visit W/------'s booth at the fair, you'll find a wall of 24 hanging disposable cameras, each with a very hefty price tag.