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Disposable Cameras Exposed by Artists On Sale for $1,000 Each — Undeveloped


New York City gallery W/—— (pronounced “with”) seems to think that art buying has gotten a bit snobby, and that photographers have gotten a bit used to having unlimited chances to capture the perfect shot. Enter their new Disposable Cameras project, currently on display at the NADA art fair in Miami through this weekend. If you visit W/——‘s booth at the fair, you’ll find a wall of 24 hanging disposable cameras, each with a very hefty price tag.

Each of the 24 cameras was given to a photographer/artist to do with as they pleased. The cameras were then returned by the artists to W/—— in time for this art show. The cameras, filled with the undeveloped and therefore un-viewable work of their temporary owners, are now on sale for $1,000 a piece to optimistic patrons browsing NADA.

Gallery co-founder MacGregor Harp explained to ARTINFO yesterday that the project is part “trust exercise” for the consumers and part challenge to the photographers. No unlimited opportunities, just 27 shots that your trusting fans will buy sight unseen.

As of yesterday 7 of the cameras had already sold, with plenty of time left for the remaining 17. So if you happen to be in Miami, have $1,000 to spend, and are feeling lucky (punk?), you may wanna swing by the fair… and then your local 1-hour photo.

(via POTB and ARTINFO)