Chroma Camera’s New CubeFF is an Affordable 35mm Pinhole Camera

A black, rectangular film camera with a textured finish is centered against a solid black background. It features a large circular lens in the middle, two dials on the top, and a small switch on the front left side. The overall design is minimalist and compact.

Chroma Camera, makers of modular medium format cameras, lenses, and more, has released the CubeFF, a full-frame 35mm pinhole camera.

This interesting new camera was announced a few weeks ago but slipped past PetaPixel‘s radar. It was initially reported by Kosmo Foto and then spotted by Amateur Photographer. While a bit late to the party, the CubeFF is too cool not to share.

A black vintage style camera with two circular dials on top, a lens in the center, and a wrist strap attached to the side. The camera has a minimalist design and the overall shape is rectangular with rounded edges. Background is solid black.

The CubeFF is a 24×36 pinhole camera, although photographers can use a supplied 18×24 half-frame insert to double the shots in a 35mm film canister. It uses the same 0.2-millimeter laser-drilled pinhole plate and 30mm focal length as Chroma Camera’s Baby Cube model, which provides an effective aperture of f/150.

“My first pinhole camera, the 24×24 Baby Cube, was launched in November 2021 and I’ve built and shipped over 200 since then,” Chroma Camera’s founder Steve Lloyd explained to Kosmo Foto earlier this month. “Pretty much since that launch, I’ve had photographers asking me when I would make a full frame (24×36) format model too, so I’ve taken the opportunity to launch the brand new design CubeFF alongside the Baby Cube.”

A compact black camera with two large dials on top and additional controls on the sides. It has a minimalist design with a circular element on the back. A separate lens or attachment piece lies beside it against a black background.

A close-up of a black, compact camera with a large lens in the middle. There's a circular control dial with red markers on the right side and a small protruding button towards the top left. The camera has a minimalist design against a black background.

However, unlike the Baby Cube, the CubeFF sports a new magnetic open/close shutter, promising consistent exposure. There’s also a new click-stopped frame reminder on the camera’s base, where there’s also a standard 1/4-inch tripod mount and traditional rewind button. The camera’s built-in lens includes a 49mm filter, and there’s also a wrist strap mounting point on the camera’s front face, although no strap is included.

Like Chroma Camera’s other cameras, the new CubeFF is hand built in Steve Lloyd’s workshop in England. The Chroma Camera CubeFF is available to order now for $163. The existing Baby Cube 24×24 pinhole camera remains in the lineup, unsurprisingly, and costs $124.

Close-up of an open camera with a black, rectangular body, dual control knobs on top, and interior components visible through an open side panel. A label reading "HALF" is visible near the center. The background is black, highlighting the camera details.

An open, black 35mm film camera with a detachable back cover is shown against a black background. The camera features two round adjustment knobs on top and a small, rectangular piece placed in front of it.

Given that it’s a full-frame film camera, the CubeFF should work with any 35mm film canisters. For those who shoot with black and white film, an optional TriChrome magnetic filter may be of interest. Photographers can capture three monochrome images with the red, blue, and green filters in front of the pinhole and then create a single trichromatic color image. Trichromy is quite a fascinating photographic process.

Image credits: Chroma Camera