Shure’s New MoveMic is a Compact Wireless Lav for Content Creators

Shure MoveMic

Shure announced the MoveMic, a compact lavalier microphone that it claims is the smallest and best-sounding dual-channel, direct-to-phone wireless mic system on the market.

Competing with the latest from RODE and DJI, Shure is banking on its history as the brand behind the world’s best wireless audio to sell content creators on the MoveMic, a compact mic that costs $249 for a single transmitter and $349 for a dual transmitter set.

The company says that MoveMic delivers reliable, true broadcast-quality audio in an ultra-lightweight design that is ideal for videographers and mobile journalists.

Shure MoveMic

“It is the smallest, best-sounding, dual-channel direct-to-phone wireless lavalier solution available, developed with a custom acoustic design and proprietary wireless software to ensure professional audio quality while on the go,” Shure claims.

The MoveMic series of mics connects directly to phones in both single and dual-channel configurations when used with the company’s MOTIV and MOTIV Video apps on iOS and Android.

That versatility mixed with sound quality is where Shure is placing the bulk of its emphasis. It doesn’t have to just work with phones, though, as the transmitters can also be paired with a standalone and separate MoveMic Receiver to work with cameras, computers, and third-party smartphone apps.

Shure MoveMic

When not using the standalone receiver, the mics are designed to be used with Shure’s MOTIV apps where users can configure audio settings like gain, limiter, compression, noise reduction, and EQ. Additionally, users can record and livestream content to Facebook directly from the MOTIV Video mobile app, with YouTube livestream integration coming in spring 2024.

“On-the-go interviews have become the primary way journalists, content creators, and TikTokers gather the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of people around the world,” Eduardo Valdes, Associate Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Management at Shure says.

Shure MoveMic

“The rise in this style of content has created an ideal opportunity to introduce an incredibly discreet, extraordinary-sounding wireless lavalier microphone system like MoveMic. We’ve applied our expertise as the leaders in professional wireless tools for performance, broadcast, and recording to create this super portable device. Creators will love that they can simultaneously send two channels of audio directly to their phone while keeping mics covert on camera.”

Shure says the MoveMic will bring 24 hours of recording per charge, which includes the microphone’s individual eight-hour battery life plus two additional eight-hour charges when it is placed inside of the charging case — it’s not 24 straight hours of recording.

Shure MoveMic

Shure says that its wireless software and custom acoustic design in the MoveMic allow it to transfer high-fidelity, broadcast-quality voice with minimal background noise up to 100 feet from the receiver source. Additionally, after a MoveMic is paired with a specified device, the microphones will automatically reconnect to the last paired device when removed from the charging case and powered on.

Shure MoveMic

The MoveMic One, which includes one microphone, a charging case, and the USB-C charging cable, will be available to purchase starting March 5 for $249. The MoveMic Two, which has two microphones, a charging case, and USB-C cable, will retail for $349. The standalone MoveMic receiver can be purchased for $199 or bundled with two mics, a charging case, 3.5mm-3.5mm cable, carrying case, and two USB-C cables for $499.

Image credits: Shure