Shure’s New Digital Audio Interface Converts Any XLR Mic into USB

Shure’s new MVX2U Digital Audio Interface is a single-channel, XLR to USB solution that allows creators to connect high quality microphones to their computers while also providing phantom power.

In short, the MVX2U is a single-channel Digital Audio Interface that allows users to record or stream directly to a computer with any XLR microphone. Shure says that the device is ideal for streamers, podcasters, and content creators because it makes high-quality audio accessible and easy to use for anyone. Once connected, the adapter works with the ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop App with the promise of “little to no setup” and delivers up to +60dB of clean gain, which the company says is perfect for the Shure SM7B.

Shure MVX2U

The MVX2U is small and compatible with any XLR microphone. Those mics can be plugged directly into the XLR output of the mic or at the end of an XLR cable (in-line). As mentioned, the MVX2U provides +60 dB of clean gain so that attached mics can perform their best. That gain is enough to power even “gain hungry” microphones, as Shure puts it, including the SM7B.

The adapter is equipped with an onboard DSP and can be customized with the MOTIV desktop app and works with any attached microphone regardless of manufacturer.

“With the MVX2U, users can transform their existing XLR mic into a USB powerhouse equipped with the tools required to take the guesswork out of achieving extraordinary audio,” Shure boasts.

Shure MVX2U

Out of the box, the MVX2U is set to Auto Level Mode, which Shure says sets the gain perfectly in real time — like a virtual audio engineer — adjusting levels automatically to provide a consistent listening experience. The Auto Level Mode settings, presets, and additional parameters, including “vocal tone,” can be controlled through the MOTIV Desktop App.

The MOTIV software also supports a Manual Mode which grants access to an EQ, limiter, and compressor presets. Shure promises to regularly update the MVX2U with new firmware to keep it up to date and working into the future.

The MVX2U ships with a one meter USB-C to USB-C cable and is priced at $129.

Image credits: Shure