Rode Says Its New Wireless Pro is the Most Powerful Wireless Mic Ever

Rode Wireless Pro

Rode has announced a new professional wireless microphone system called the Wireless Pro with the promise that it is capable of delivering next-level audio quality to the degree that Rode claims it as the most powerful wireless mic ever.

The Australian audio company says that the Wireless Pro boasts a level of versatility and wide feature set that are not found on any other microphone — any microphone, not just a wireless microphone.

The Wireless Pro, which comes hot on the heels of the Wireless ME, is a compact dual-channel wireless microphone at its core, but is loaded with features. For starters, it uses Rode’s 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption that it claims allows for crystal-clear, stable audio at up to 260 meters (850 feet), line of sight.

It utilizes a 32-bit float on-board recording capability with 32GB internal memory as well, which means that even if there is audio interruption wirelessly, there will be a version of the audio that is maintained locally that will be free of issues.

The Wireless Pro includes timecode to allow editors to easily sync in post-production and flexible gain control — which uses “intelligent algorithms” to automatically control audio levels to ensure the output is smooth and balanced and reduces the risk of clipping — and a safety channel that Rode promises will result in pristine audio when recording into a camera. That safety channel outputs a second channel of audio 10dB lower than the primary channel in case the signal is too hot and clips the camera input.

Rode Wireless Pro

The transmitter can operate as a microphone on its own (via a pickup on the top of the unit) but also has a locking 3.5mm lavalier connector, while the receiver includes headphone output with on-board level control. Rode says that the 3.5mm output on the receiver also functions as a headphone output for audio monitoring as well as an audio input for a headset or other TRRS “narrator” microphone, such as a lavalier. The Pro can also be configured using a computer or smartphone via the Rode Central app.

Rode Wireless Pro

The transmitters and receiver are all powered by a built-in battery that is charged by USB-C and lasts for up to seven hours. In the event that more time is needed, the mics can operate while plugged in and charging.

The Rode Wireless Pro costs $399 and includes a charging case, two Rode Lavalier II microphones, cables, MagClip Go magnetic mounting clips, and an accessory case.

Image credits: Rode