Two Never-Before-Seen Lenses Unveiled in One Day! | The PetaPixel Podcast

It’s rare to see Canon and Nikon release lenses at exactly the same time, but it’s downright unheard of to see both lenses be one-of-a-kind. That’s exactly what happened this week, and the PetaPixel Podcast team shares their thoughts.

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This week, Canon and Nikon simultaneously released two lenses that have never been made before! Nikon unveiled a 600mm f/6.3 VR S Super Telephoto Prime lens that it promises is the lightest in its class with no sacrifice to image quality. While he didn’t get enough time with it to do a review, Chris shares his thoughts on the new Z-mount lens.

On the total other side of the spectrum, Canon announced a 10-20mm f/4 L IS STM, a focal range that has never been seen before. Chris, Jordan, and Jaron discuss!

Also, we’re testing some new microphones, so let us know what you think!

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