So, Nikon is a Cinema Camera Company Now? | The PetaPixel Podcast

Last week, Nikon made the surprise announcement that it had acquired RED Cinema, one of the most well-known American cinema camera companies. That one move changed the camera landscape dramatically overnight.

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In an instant, Nikon went from an often-ignored player in filmmaking to a top-tier competitor in the space, up against the likes of Arri and Sony. What does this mean for the camera industry going forward? Well, a heck of a lot, and Chris, Jordan, and Jaron break it down as well as speculate on how they think Nikon will handle its new crown jewel over the next few years.

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In This Episode:

08:54 – Why Kate Middleton’s Photoshop fail is important
16:50 – Canon is 50% of the way through negotiations to bring third-party optics to RF mount
21:35 – Canon wants to achieve “overwhelming number one share” of mirrorless market by 2026
27:10 – Fujifilm doubled manufacturing capacity for the X100VI, but it still wasn’t enough
29:14 – Is it possible for any camera brand to replicate this level of popularity?
36:06 – Nikon Acquires RED in Massive Shakeup of Cinema Camera Market
50:52 – What have you been up to?
53:13 – Tech Support
1:17:46 – Never read the comments