Ken Griffey Jr. Trades Bat for Camera, Captures Amazing NFL Photos

Ken Griffey Jr. is a sports photographer

Baseball legend and Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. was spotted last month capturing photos of soccer star Lionel Messi during an Inter Miami game in Florida, now Griffey has taken his photography talents to an NFL game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys.

As Sports Illustrated reports, Griffey has been on NFL sidelines with his camera gear many times over the years, having gotten heavily involved in photography following his retirement from Major League Baseball in 2010.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has posted some of Griffey’s recent NFL shots on its X account, formerly known as Twitter.

Having swapped his glove and bat for a camera and telephoto lens, Griffey is a talented photographer. The 13-time MLB All-Star knows about big moments and emotion in professional sports.

High-end cameras and lenses can only take a sports photographer so far. The best ones can feel the big shot coming before it arrives and are ready to take full advantage. Griffey Jr. has that special sixth sense, plus the technical know-how to bring his vision to life.

Griffey is far from the only famous athlete to take up photography after his playing days ended. Fellow baseball star and Hall of Fame member Randy Johnson is a talented photographer, too, and spends his retirement traveling the world and capturing beautiful images.

A couple of former NFL players are also passionate photographers. At 6-foot-5, 300 pounds, former offensive tackle and Pro Football Hall of Famer Walter Jones took his talents from the offensive line to the sideline.

Famed Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is a passionate photographer and future Pro Football Hall of Famer. Fitzgerald is not eligible for induction until 2026 when he will undoubtedly be voted in by a large margin. Like Randy Johnson, Fitzgerald photographs many different subjects. He even shot friend-of-PetaPixel and edge-of-space photographer Blair Bunting’s family portraits.

As for Ken Griffey Jr., he has a diverse portfolio of sports photos. While his Instagram account includes some personal pictures, it also has many of Griffey’s sports shots, too, including football and soccer, of course, plus basketball, baseball, motorsports, and more.

Image credits: Header photo includes images licensed via Depositphotos.