Ken Griffey Jr. Spotted at Soccer Game Photographing Leo Messi

Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken Griffey Jr. pitchside with his camera at the Inter Miami game last night.

Baseball legend Ken Griffey JR. was spotted photographing soccer superstar Leo Messi last night as he sat pitchside for an Inter Miami game in Fort Lauderdale.

The baseball Hall of Famer, nicknamed “The Kid”, has been a photography enthusiast ever since his retirement in 2010 and he was at it again last night with a Sony camera as he attended a 0-0 draw between Inter Miami and Nashville.

According to The Athletic, Griffey has captured Monday Night Football games, MLB events including the Home Run Derby in Seattle this year, and The Kid even tried his hand at motor racing while attending an IndyCar event for ESPN in 2016.

Griffy has said that the sport he would most like to shoot is the Olympic track and field. But, he told ESPN in 2016 that “being able to shoot my kids’ games is my favorite. The looks on their faces are priceless.”

Messi the Superstar

Ever since Argentinian and recent World Cup winner Lionel Messi joined David Beckham’s Inter Miami, the team has attracted all sorts of celebrity visitors. But, Griffey is the first one to arrive in a media bib. He was even seen chatting to boxer Floyd Mayweather in his photographer’s vest.

Since Messi arrived in Florida, the team has been unbeaten furthering his credentials as the soccer GOAT (greatest of all time).

Sports Stars Becoming Photographers

Griffy spent most of his career with the Seattle Mariners where he cemented his status as one of the most prolific home run hitters in the history of baseball.

But Griffey isn’t the only baseball Hall of Famer and Seattle Mariners player to take up photography. Pitcher Randy Johnson amazes fans by turning up pitchside at NFL games.

Johnson’s website displays travel, music, and wildlife photos. His chosen logo is a dead bird which references a famous incident during his baseball career when he killed a bird with one of his pitches. In the bizarre incident, an unfortunate bird somehow flew into the path of the ball. Johnson was well-known for his fast pitches.