Sony Adds 4K 120p Recording to Popular ZV-E1 Video Creator Camera

Sony ZV-E1 4K 120p Upgrade

Sony announced the ZV-E1 camera in late March, delivering an excellent option for video content creators. At launch, the camera delivered full width 4K 60p recording, but Sony has now elevated the ZV-E1 with a free upgrade to record 4K 120p footage.

Thanks largely to its 12-megapixel full-frame image sensor, interchangeable lens E-mount design, and video-friendly features, the ZV-E1 has impressed PetaPixel. In a head-to-head shootout with the Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX, the ZV-E1 held up well against the S5 IIX, including besting Panasonic’s impressive camera in the autofocus category.

“With this new upgrade, the ZV-E1 joins a roster of Sony cameras featuring 4K 120p video recording, including the Alpha 1 and Alpha 7S III, and the FX6, FX3, and FX30 from Sony’s Cinema Line,” Sony explains. “This feature enables faster high-speed frame rate video recording, resulting in smooth slow-motion footage that is five times slower than standard 24fps, highlighting Sony’s commitment to providing groundbreaking technology for all creators.”

Alongside the 4K resolution video at up to 120 frames per second, the new free upgrade also adds Full HD 240p recording to the ZV-E1, perfect for users who love slow-motion recording.

Sony says that 4K 120p recording is only available with the ZV-E1’s Long GOP inter-frame compression mode, and the new FHD 240p mode is available through the S&Q mode. Sony has not published any details concerning heat restrictions or recording times when recording 4K 120p video.

Interestingly, Sony has released the free ZV-E1 upgrade through its Creators’ Cloud platform. The platform, aimed initially at professional and enterprise users, has shifted to become a platform built to support creative work from capture to publish.

Sony ZV-E1 4K 120p Upgrade

Sony also has the Creators’ App, a mobile app that promises to expand a user’s shooting experience. Creators’ App also facilitates the seamless content transfer from camera to cloud.

For ZV-E1 owners itching to upgrade their cameras to take advantage of the new 4K 120p recording, the upgrade process is straightforward, albeit a bit different from a typical firmware upgrade.

Users must first download the license from a dedicated Creators’ Cloud website. Users can sign in with their Sony account and link their ZV-E1 to their account or download the license without signing in. By signing in, the license can be downloaded later without entering the serial number again. In either case, people must enter their ZV-E1’s serial number to gain access to the upgrade license. The license does not expire.

Once an upgrade license is issued, users can download and install the update file into their camera, much like a typical firmware upgrade. The required file, RC_LIC.DAT, must be copied to the top layer of a formatted memory card and inserted into the ZV-E1. That installation can alternatively be completed via USB. All available downloads for the Sony ZV-E1 are listed on Sony’s website.