Sony SDK Update Promises Improved Performance and Integration

Sony SDK Update 1.08

Sony Electronics has announced a new version of its Camera Remote Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling remote operation and additional settings changes of compatible Sony cameras. The new SKD (version 1.08) also adds compatibility with Sony’s new video-centric ZV-E1 full-frame compact camera.

“With each SDK release, we are integrating learnings from customers and expanding the functionality and magnitude of applications and capabilities,” says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc.

“The updated SDK allows our cameras to be used in more industrial and business-to-business (B2B) applications, ranging from photogrammetry or medical companies, to inspection, and e-Commerce. We are excited for professional clients to have the ability to explore new functionalities,” continues Cheng.

Sony SDK Update 1.08

The updated SDK promises four key features:

  • Improved processing speed: Sony promises approximately 20 percent faster performance when adjusting settings, shooting, and transferring files. This should improve usability for all customers, especially e-Commerce clients using Sony’s SDK to capture 360-degree continuous pictures. Improved capture speed also benefits battery life by allowing users to capture more shots in less time. This is important for drone applications like mapping and surveying, which are often limited by battery longevity.
  • Added support for shutter trigger by electrical signal and remote power on/off: This is important for photogrammetry, photobooths, or road traffic management. An electrical signal improves accuracy compared to a traditional software-based shutter release trigger.
  • New remote settings support: SDK version 1.08 includes remote menu settings for video, including picture profile settings and timecode. This feature expands workflow options for video creators.
  • “Overheating warning” status notification: A new function will alert users when their connected camera experiences a significant temperature increase. In outdoor settings, such as those in deserts, users can monitor the status of connected cameras with added precision.
Sony ZV-E1
Sony ZV-E1

Sony’s SDK allows software developers to design bespoke applications tailored to specific industrial, commercial, or artistic applications. The SDK is available free of charge. Sony’s Camera Remote SDK can control numerous cameras within Sony’s Alpha and Cinema series, including all of Sony’s recent alpha series mirrorless cameras, the FX6, FX3, and FX30, and the ZV-E1. In PetaPixel’s review of the ZV-E1, David Schloss writes, “the ZV-E1, in my opinion, is the best camera a YouTube or similar creator can buy, and it’s upped the stakes in a market most companies didn’t even think existed.”

The full list of compatible cameras is available on Sony’s SDK website.

Image credits: Sony