Broncolor’s New $20K Dual-Power Pack Works In Studio or On Location

Broncolor has announced the new Satos power packs that use a unique dual-power system that can be equipped with conventional power supplies for studio use or with high-performance batteries for on-location use — or a combination of both.

Satos Power Pack

The new Satos power pack took Broncolor nearly five years to develop, but that time has resulted in what the company says is the most advanced power pack system ever that is also joined by a new lamp. Broncolor says that the engineers wanted to create a pack that was nor only highly performant, but also flexible, easy to use, and would last a long time.

Broncolor Satos

The system comes with the option to use two types of power. Broncolor says this approach not only allows the same system to be used in the studio and on-location but also significantly improves performance, especially in regions with low mains voltages (e.g., 110 V) or areas with fragile power grids.

The Satus settings are adjusted in a few ways: on a 5.7-inch multi-touch screen; via a rotary/push encoder; by classic buttons or an app interface; or through a Python API.

Broncolor Satos

Broncolor Satos

“Every parameter can be adjusted to the smallest detail with the help of an intuitive user interface. The patented Broncolor technology allows the fastest flash times together with the highest consistency in color temperature over the entire control range of up to 12 f-stops,” the company says.

The Satos can shoot at up to 3,200 joules of flash energy (one joule of flash energy is equivalent to one watt second), an “enormous” level of power that can be distributed between one to three channels that are completely independent of each other, and the color temperature, delay or a sequence function can be set individually for each channel, too.

Broncolor Satos

“Previously, to trigger alternating flashes, multiple power packs were necessary. However, with Satos, the alternating function can be accomplished using the three channels of a single power pack, eliminating the need for multiple power packs,” Broncolor adds.

Satos is available in two power outputs: 3,200 or 1,600 joules.

The Pulso L Lamp

To accompany the Satos, Broncolor has also announced the Pulso L lamp which can communicate to the pack and vice versa. All regular settings can be made on the lamp and are synchronized with the system in real time.

“The Pulso L modeling and continuous light comes from a calibrated array of bi-colored LEDs with a variable green/magenta mix and an adjustable color temperature from 2,800K to 6,800K in continuous light mode,” Broncolor says.

Broncolor Pulso L

“For the finest adjustment within the light shaper, the position of the flash tube can be modified by a rotary wheel.”

The Pulso does have a traditional flash tube in addition to the LED. It is avaialble in a 3,200 or 1,600 variant, which will only work with the same powered version of the Satos battery pack.

Pricing and Availability

This kind of performance doesn’t come cheap. The Satos 1600 will retail for 14,695 euros (about $15,739) and the Satos 3200 will cost 18,895 euros (about $20,237). The Pulso 1600 will cost 2,730 euros (about $2,924) while the Pulso 3200 will retail for 3,035 euros (about $3,250). Broncolor expects to start shipping units in July.