LaCie’s New Compact Mobile Hard Drives Have up to 5TB of Capacity

LaCie Mobile HDDs

LaCie has announced two new mobile hard drives, the LaCie Mobile Drive and LaCie Mobile Drive Secure that provide up to 5TB of portable capacity and universal support for PC, Mac, and iPad.

LaCie, a Seagate brand, has always put emphasis on making products that not only perform but also have a unique design aesthetic. That doesn’t change here, and the company says it works to consistently deliver iconic storage solutions in which form and function fuse into a holistically enjoyable user experience.

The company says the Mobile Drive lives up to that pedigree with a design and construction that is “built to last.” The new hard drive is encased in an aluminum enclosure that is strong and built to last. LaCie also says this generation of drives includes important sustainability improvements by using post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminum and plastic. The packaging in the box is also made from recycled cardboard.

The drives provide up to 5TB of portable capacity and universal out-of-box compatibility with PC, Mac, and iPad USB-C. They also feature one-click automatic backup which LaCie says makes file storage extra smooth. The drives may feature capacity, but they aren’t particularly fast and cap out at 130 MB/s through USB-C. That’s not quick enough to support high-resolution video editing, but it should easily be enough speed for photographers to back up and access photos while on the road.

LaCie Mobile Drives are packaged with LaCie Toolkit software for on-demand and scheduled backups and a one-month Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan as well.

The LaCie Mobile Drive and Mobile Drive secure differentiate in additional hardware encryption that is available in the latter. The Mobile Drive Secure has a lock/unlock feature in the LaCie Toolkit software, which LaCie says gives users an added layer of data safety and confidentiality. Both drives use USB 3.2 Gen 1 USB-C technology and are compatible with USB-C and USB 3.0 computers and tablets.

Both options are set to be available in September. The LaCie Mobile Drive will be available in four capacities: $75 (1TB), $100 (2TB), $145 (4TB) and $165 (5TB). The Mobile Drive Secure will also be available in one fewer configuration but at the same prices: $100 (2TB), $145 (4TB) and $165 (5TB).

Image credits: LaCie