Save Big On Hard Drives, SSDs, and Memory Cards for World Backup Day

A desktop hard drive is plugged into a computer on a desk.

Unfortunately, World Backup Day fell on a Sunday this year (March 31), so it didn’t result in a day off work (nor does it ever). But for those who want to celebrate a day late, there are some superb discounts on all sorts of storage solutions in honor of the day.

Keeping your photos backed up may not be glamorous or fun, but it is critical. A robust backup plan is essential for photographers who take on paid work. Losing files before clients receive what they paid for is a worst-case scenario. Even if the files are only for personal use, it is tragic to plug in a hard drive to find photos from a vacation only to discover the drive is dead.

World Backup Day, an annual “holiday,” is an excellent reminder to get a reliable backup system in place. Luckily, today’s discounts can help photographers and creatives improve their systems without spending as much as usual. You’ll find deals on backup systems, desktop hard drives, memory cards, or portable drives for more temporary storage.

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