Instagram Launches New ‘Dual’ Camera Feature, Similar to BeReal

Instagram has added a new “Dual” camera feature — seemingly in a bid to copy photo-sharing app BeReal, which soared to the number one spot in the U.S. on Apple’s App Store charts this week.

The new “Dual” camera feature allows users to record content with their back-facing camera and record their reaction to the event with their front-facing camera at the same time. The rear camera shot will take up most of the screen space, while the content shot through the front camera appears in a small window inside this and shows the user’s reaction to the main video.

Instagram announced the launch of this new addition on their website earlier this week. Currently, the “Dual” feature appears to only be available when recording Reels — the TikTok video clone which Instagram has been pushing as their main offering in recent months.

Instagram’s “Dual” is visually similar to BeReal’s main feature which allows users to record videos with their device’s front and back-facing cameras simultaneously. Set up as the “anti-Instagram,” BeReal only allows users to post one photo per day and only at a randomized specific time. When the shutter button is pressed, BeReal captures using both a front and rear-facing camera making it impossible to hide behind the main camera. This bi-directional capture feature means that viewers get a complete snapshot of what the poster is up to at that moment.

In order to use the “Dual” feature, users must select the “Reels” option on the Instagram app. Users will see a list of options on the left side and then must select the camera icon with “Dual” label. They tap the record icon in the center to record the video and can add effects and music after they have finished filming.

Screenshot from BeReal

In the same announcement on their website this week, Instagram also said that new video posts shorter than fifteen minutes will be shared as reels. However, videos posted prior to this change will remain as videos and won’t become reels.