TikTok Axes Its BeReal Clone ‘TikTok Now’ in Less Than a Year


TikTok is discontinuing its BeReal clone TikTok Now after less than a year.

TikTok became one of many apps to mimic photo-sharing app BeReal’s dual camera feature last year — when it launched an-app feature and standalone app called TikTok Now in September.

TikTok’s copycat functionality similarly sent users daily prompts to capture a picture or a 10-second video using the front and back cameras on their phones.

However, on Tuesday, TikTok became the latest photo-sharing app to take a step back from the BeReal trend when it announced that it would be axing TikTok Now.

TikTok explained that a notification had been sent to its users informing them that the feature would be retired. Although, the app said users could still access previous posts they made with TikTok Now.

“We’re excited to use the feedback we’ve gained through TikTok Now as we continue building ways for the TikTok community to create and connect over shared entertainment,” TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer says in a statement.

Although the standalone app will be shuttered, it is still unclear if the in-app feature will be retired too. TikTok Now was launched as an in-app functionality in some markets, and a separate app in others.

The Demise of BeReal?

‘Anti-Instagram’ photo-sharing app BeReal saw such a huge surge in popularity last year at a time of widespread irritation with Instagram and its redesign in order to compete with TikTok.

Seeing it dominate Apple’s App Store charts for much of last year, social media platforms rushed to copy BeReal.

In December, Instagram officially launched “Candid Stories” which randomly prompted users to take spontaneous selfies with a back-facing and front-facing camera at the same time.

Snapchat also released a dual camera setting that bore a striking resemblance to BeReal’s main feature.

But, in recent months, BeReal has reportedly been on the decline with data indicating consumer interest in the photo-sharing app has may have already peaked.

According to data, monthly downloads of Bereal have dwindled and the photo-sharing app has seen its daily active user figures drop by 48% from its peak in October 2022.

However, BeReal refuted reports that the app’s daily users have halved since launch. The company says: “We’re continuing to grow — BeReal has over 20 million daily active users around the world.”