The Best Photo Gear of 2022, According to the TIPA Awards

TIPA 2022

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has announced the winners of its annual awards and in a surprising show of parity, every major manufacturer was honored in at least one camera category.

The TIPA World Awards 2022 aims to honor the best cameras and lenses across a range of skill levels and in previous years has been led by one or two camera manufacturers. Last year, Nikon and Sony led the pack and Canon only managed to nab a single low-end camera category. The previous year, Canon and Nikon won the most categories.

But this year, the 2022 Awards are more evenly distributed than those in the past, perhaps due in part to the addition of some new and rather specific categories. While the total number of categories did not change, comparing lists across years shows a significant difference. TIPA added a Micro Four Thirds and Rangefinder category, for example, which allowed OM-Digital and Leica to nab wins. It also added a distinction between 4K and 8K hybrid cameras and created the new “camera innovation” category, all three of which were won by different companies. To make room, the organization compressed the three previous APS-C categories into one and did away with the “advanced” tier of users, which already was difficult to separate from “expert” and “professional.”

OM Digital OM-1

Below are the winners in the camera category:

TIPA doesn’t just award cameras, it also names the best lenses across a variety of categories. This year, Sigma, Sony, and Tamron took the most total wins, but overall there is a wide variety of manufacturers among the winners.

Left side of the Nikon 400mm f/2.8 TC VR S.

Below are the winners in the lens category:

It’s hard to make definitive statements about these awards as the categories change every year. Some might argue the changes were made to award the most companies so that everyone can advertise a win, but a less cynical view might be that the industry is experiencing parity among competitors, which is healthy for the industry and consumers.

The full 2022 TIPA Awards winners can be perused on the organization’s website.