Leica Discontinues the CL and TL2 Cameras

Leica CL and TL2 discontinued

Leica appears to be discontinuing the CL and TL2 camera systems. Citing an overall decline in the compact and small sensor camera market, Leica appears to be ready to focus entirely on full-frame.

Originally spotted by Leica Rumors, official-looking documentation from the company appears to confirm that it will be phasing out the CL- and TL2-system cameras. It is not clear where this document originated.

“In recent years, the overall photography market has seen a decline in sales of compact and system cameras with smaller sensors. In comparison, the segment of cameras with full-frame sensors is developing particularly positively and shows continuing market growth. This development has prompted Leica Camera AG to discontinue its CL/TL2-System cameras, in order to realign itself strategically with these market changes. Going forward, the company will primarily focus its attention on the production of full-frame cameras,” Leica says.

This analysis of the industry matches current trends noted by PetaPixel’s Mike Smith.

“Nevertheless, the company’s confidence in the high-quality performance of the CL/TL2-System remains unchanged – which is why Leica Camera AG will provide owners of the CL/TL2-System with another six years of comprehensive customer care from the date of purchase.

“As ever, delivering a first-class customer experience through products that are superior in both construction and performance, continues to be the company’s primary aim.”

PetaPixel reached out to Leica to confirm but did not receive a response ahead of publication.

Leica’s official website still lists both the TL2 and CL as supported products, so it is possible that the statement obtained by Leica Rumors was published ahead of plans for official distribution.

The Leica CL was originally released in 2017 and is an APS-C system that utilized the company’s L-Mount. It shares the same sensor as the TL2 and is primarily differentiated by physical controls as opposed to the touchscreen-focused controls of the TL2. In Leica’s words, the TL2 — also launched in 2017 — focuses on clean lines, high picture quality, and “extraordinary handling.” The company designed the TL2 to look completely different than all other Leica cameras and was made to be a contemporary interpretation of the Leica aesthetic.

Both the CL and TL2 are still listed as available from some retailers, although as a “special order” or in limited quantities.