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Leica Releases FOTOS 2.0 with a $50 ‘Pro’ Version for iPad


Leica has launched version 2.0 of its FOTOS companion app for Leica cameras. In addition to bringing improvements to the existing features, Leica has also turned FOTOS into a freemium app: you can pay $50 for the “Pro” version of the app that unlocks additional features.

For users of the Free version, core features should now be both faster and more stable when compared to version 1.0 (which was criticized for its bugginess).

“The FOTOS 2.0 app is a beautifully designed interface that helps bring Leica users from the decisive moment of taking the picture to the creative moment of processing and sharing the finished photo as seamlessly as possible,” Leica says. “This vital component of modern photography ensures that Leica users have quick and easy access to their high-quality images, so their favorite camera is also their connected camera for easily showcasing life’s important moments.”

Features available in the free version of the app (once paired with your camera via Bluetooth/WLAN) include image viewing, image transfer, remote camera control, settings adjustment, post-processing, and sharing.

If you’re willing to fork over a hefty chunk of dough for the premium app, one of the main perks is iPad compatibility — the app has been designed for iPad, and all the latest iPadOS features (e.g. Split-View and Drag & Drop) are supported.

The premium app also features Adobe Lightroom integration (i.e. open up Lightroom Develop with a tap), RAW file transfer, and video mode.

Cameras that are compatible with FOTOS 2.0 include the Leica S (Typ 007), Leica SL/SL2, Leica M10, Leica M10-P, Leica M10-D, Leica Q/Q2, Leica TL/TL2, Leica CL, Leica C-Lux, Leica D-Lux, and Leica V-Lux. Leica says additional models will be made compatible in the “near future.”

Leica FOTOS v2.0 is available now through the Apple App Store and through Google Play.