‘FaceBlocker’ Tech Prevents Clients from Using Screenshots of Proofs

Waldo Photos has launched a new AI-Powered Mobile Sales Platform that combines with a tech called FaceBlocker. Together, the platform allows photographers to copyright protect proofs, prevent theft, and maximize sales opportunities.

When combined with the companies mobile sales platform, the new FaceBloacker technology addresses several key protection issues professionals often run across.

Waldo Photos is a platform for photographers that allows them to easily share photos with their online community via automated proof delivery, facial recognition, jersey recognition, and AI-Powered sorting. The launch of WaldoPro adds some interesting additional features to the platform

  • Photomanager – an AI-powered SaaS platform for hosting, managing and publishing photos with advanced analytics
  • Sell Photos – a mobile sales platform leveraging Faceblocker copyright protection, text-based proof delivery, mobile app ordering process, and drop ship print delivery.
  • Share Photos – automated mobile delivery platform for event photography
  • Member Connect – tools for marketing and remarketing, including personalized direct mail and a text-based communication platform.

The AI-driven system provides better engagement and discovery by potential clients as their proofs are delivered via SMS alerts, giving the photographer a 100 percent contactless sales model and options to sell additional images even months after the initial shoot. Tack on the FaceBlocker service that allows the photographer to deliver easily accessible and good quality proofs on the client’s smartphone, while making them difficult to screenshot/copy instead of purchasing and the company has a pretty robust automated and protected sales system.

Waldo Photo says that over the last year, the FaceBlocker technology has been used by professional photographers at national dance and cheer competitions, Miss America, Miss USA, National Gymnastics Competitions, and more. Additionally, photographers who have adopted this system have reported seeing an increase in after-event sales of over 100%. Lofty claims, but the system seems designed to funnel a powerful sales channel, so it’s not particularly surprising.

FaceBlocker takes the images uploaded to Waldo Photo and places the Waldo logo over the facial-recognized face of the potential purchaser. The FaceBlocked proofs are then delivered to the mobile device of the client who can then tap their face on the screen to remove the logo. However, when the client’s face is revealed, the rest of the photo is blurred. This process makes it easy for the client to get an idea of what the whole image will look like, but nearly at the same time makes it nearly impossible for them to save it or screenshot it without placing a legitimate purchase order.

Once the client has purchased an image, the photos can be delivered through the Waldo platform without any obstruction or blurs, and if they order prints, those can be shipped directly to the purchaser which Waldo says saves the photographer from dealing with hours of back and forth with the print labs and shipping companies.

The FaceBlocker tech alone is an unusual and likely highly effective way of monetizing every photo and combined with Waldo’s interface the whole platform seems tailor-made to help a photographer make the most from their work by addressing actual modern problems they face daily.

Waldo offers a demo and a 30-day trial via its website for those interested in seeing if the platform is a fit for their business.